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Pro 1 Capital Funding, LLC offers clients short-term bridge loan options nationwide through private money lenders. Our lending specialists can provide customized bridge loan solutions for both corporate and individual clients.


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Bridge loan applications may be completed in-person or online. Our Pro 1 Capital lending specialists are available to assist you with your gap financing and gathering any further documentation necessary to finalize your application.

What is an Equity Bridge Loan?

Bridge financing, often in the form of a bridge loan, is an interim financing option used by companies and other entities to solidify their short-term position until a long-term financing option can be arranged. This type of financing is commonly used to fulfill a company’s short-term working capital needs when other loan types are not an option.

Uses for Equity Bridge Loans

  • Business Expansion/Restructuring
  • Short-Term, Temporary Loan Needs
  • Real Estate Renovations
  • Quick Close Acquisitions
  • Unique Financing Situations

Private Money Loans

Private loans are often approved quickly and require only a minimum credit score. While these loan types tend to have shorter terms and higher rates, the fast funding is perfect for business owners and investors who need cash fast. Private lenders are more likely to approve people who do not qualify for conventional bank loans.

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We offer fast and flexible private loans for entrepreneurs. When banks say no, our lenders say yes. Our loan specialists offer easy processing and a quick closing.

Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are collateral-backed loans funded by private lenders that offer entrepreneurs access to capital regardless of their credit or time in business. This type of financing is great for business owners who have less-than-perfect credit, are just starting out or need access to money quickly.

Asset-Based Collateral Loans

Our asset-based loans offer business owners a viable option to traditional business loans in order to finance operations, purchase real estate or fund a start-up.

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